Viper Fangs


We've all heard of Fangs by and how they can help you recover from a nosedive. Sure, they're high quality and look cool, but there's one massive flaw. Fangs are sharp you idiots! That's why we're hitting the market hard with our fang-killer, Viper Fangs.

Viper Fangs are exactly like Fangs, but they have stainless steel fangs protruding from the wheels. They look really really cool and live up to their name.

NOTE: Many people have pointed out that there is a minor design flaw with Viper Fangs. Essentially, the fangs themselves apparently prevent the wheels from rotating more than 180 degrees, causing nosedives. While this is probably true, we refuse to test Viper Fangs out of fear for our lives. They look cool though.

Viper Fangs