Leehweno (Lay-We-No) was created by Canadian Davehere (TikTok: @canadiandavehere), a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico back in 2012 and specializes in OneWheel accessories. It wasn't until years later, when Future Motion introduced the first OneWheel, that Leehweno began to gain traction. Finally, Leehweno's products had purpose! It was serendipitous that Future Motion named their product, "OneWheel" which is Leehweno backwards.

Leehweno is striving to disrupt the market and release more innovative OneWheel products than other vendors. We hope to serve the OneWheel community with our crappy products, but we have no problem linking people to the better vendors :)

In addition to riding his OneWheel, Can does a lot of time traveling.